You Are a Secret Unicorn

You are magical! Get inspired to find your inner unicorn with this pocket-sized journal that pairs uplifting quotes with a unicornicopia of adorable illustrated animals showing off their unicorn selves.

  •  Personal and uplifting messages from iconic pop culture figures such as Lizzo, Awkwafina, and Billie Eilish illuminate how even the most successful suffer from lack of confidence yet find the strength to put themselves out there.

  •  Pick up this journal whenever you need a quick pick-me-up or confidence boost; this delightfully inspirational journal says “You might feel like a horse in a field of unicorns, but you are also a secret unicorn!”

  •  Inside, you’ll find illustrated not-quite unicorns paired with funny and meaningful quotes to help you overcome those moments when you might not feel good enough–because you ARE. A. UNICORN.

  •  This paper-over-board journal features colorful lined pages for you to fill with your hopes and dreams, plus dot grid pages for freeform sketching. You Are a Secret Unicorn gives you the space to channel your dreams.