The Vagina Book

The Vagina Book is an essential guide packed with invaluable information about sexual health that everybody should know, but might be too afraid to ask.


With sections on anatomy, periods, hormones, sex, contraception, fertility, hair care, and so much more, this fun-to-read guide helps readers make healthy decisions for their bodies.


Compelling personal essays from a diverse group of luminary figures—including Margaret Cho, Roxane Gay, and Blair Imani—are sprinkled throughout, enriching the pages with beauty, strength, and honesty.


• From OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Conti and the team behind the beloved Thinx period products

• Dispenses with taboos and misinformation about vaginas and bodies

• Provides the latest health research in easy-to-digest entries


Advice includes yoga poses to help with PMS and cramping, a cheat sheet for making sense of contraception options, why you should care about your pelvic floor (plus easy strengthening exercises!), and the illustrated history of feminine hygiene products, from ancient Egypt through today.


This groundbreaking guide is a perfect gift for every modern woman and a vital addition to every modern bookshelf.


• A must-have handbook for anyone with a vagina

• Presented in a luxe, cushioned case filled with more than a hundred vibrant illustrations

• Perfect unique gift for anyone who is passionate about sexual health, feminism, and learning more about their body