Red Moon Gang

In this gender-expansive and inclusive guide to periods, author Tara Costello offers advice free from stigma and other cultural hangups, and encourages the reader to better understand their bodies and their relationship with it. Covering all the topics one would typically hear discussed in health class, Costello takes things a step further and ensures that the reader understands the particular challenges facing menstruating folks with body dysmorphia, folks living in poverty, and folks with disabilities. Using science, Costello dives into the nitty gritty of what we know about menstruation, offers a wealth of resources on some of the health issues that can effect folks who menstruate, from endometriosis to polycystic ovary syndrome, and provides the reader with a Period Toolkit listing products and retailers that can help you have an easier period. A vital guide for the anxious or uninformed menstruating person.