Crazy Bug Bouquet Puzzle

Puzzle size: 23 IN in Diameter / 58.5 CM in Diameter

Box size: 11" X 11" X 2"

Made from 90% recycled gray board; printed with vegetable based inks

No corners!

Take on the extra challenge of a round puzzle! This unusual bouquet of fanciful flowers attracts wacky bugs of all kinds, creating a detailed scene. From butterflies with chevron wings to centipedes wearing hats, the Crazy Bug Bouquet makes for a delightfully silly and strange puzzle. 


Bjorn Rune Lie (@bjornlie) is the illustrator of our Crazy Bug Bouquet puzzle. He is from Norway but currently lives in Bristol, UK. Besides our puzzle, you can find Bjorn’s work on everything from milk cartons to album covers. His favorite bug in the puzzle is Mortimer, the green, yellow, and blue moth on the left. His favorite things to draw are trees, elephants with hats, and hobo squirrels! Bjorn hasn’t had the time to puzzle it himself, but it has the stamps of approval from his grandma and aunt (both avid puzzlers)!


Gather round, this puzzle offers more than leaves and flowers

For you to study carefully as you pass the hours:

Some crazy bugs are here as well, of different shapes and sizes.

So get to work, and as you do, discover small surprises!

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