Your Black Friend

Ben Passmore's short comic zine is a critical contribution to the dialogue discussing race in the U.S. It's almost like a letter from your black friend directly to you, about race, racism, friendship, and alienation. The book version also includes a broader collection of Passmore's comics about, as he writes in the intro, "how to be dangerous, how to be a failure, and how to laugh in the face of a world that wants to crush us. Most of all this collection is about how to be a funny dangerous failure. And we all fail, homies, it's okay. We just have to learn how to fail upward." He shows stories of microaggressions, gentrification, police brutality, activism, anarchism, driving a pedicab, punk culture, and more.


Razorcake makes it personal, "It's especially poignant for a lot of white people in the punk and independent music culture who may think we’re past racial issues. Passmore shows how they continue to endure and effect him. He shares his feelings on what he wishes white people understood and what he wishes they’d do and not do."


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