Meet the owner!

April 24, 2014

In the small business community, everyone knows everyone.  But you, out there, on the internet, might not have the chance to meet Magpie's amazing staff in person!  So this series, Meet the Staff, will give you an introduction to these awesome people.

First up, Magpie owner, Dave Sakowski. 


How did you start Magpie?
Magpie was started by myself and 4 friends in 2004 after the Bizarre Bazaar craft fair. We were all involved in organizing the event and wanted to keep the spirit of the event going all year instead of just it being once a year event. We were very naive about running a business, but made up for lack of experience with spirit and enthusiasm. 


Why in Somerville?

Somerville seemed like the right fit for Magpie's esthetic. The first BB events were held at the Dilboy hall in Somerville and all 5 owners lived there. 


What is it about local, handmade items that excite you?

I love seeing items that someone put their heart and soul into creating. It's great to watch artists grow and become better at their craft. One of the best things about working with local artists is when a new artist or crafter comes into the store to show us their work, and they have that rare combination of creativity, talent and imagination. 




Who is your ideal customer?

The ideal Magpie customer is someone who is interested in finding unique and interesting items, and appreciates the handmade esthetic. 


What is your favorite kind of product to shop for?

Cards are my favorite product to shop for. I kind of have a card problem. Great cards are small pieces of art.


How do you go about finding new products?

New products come from many places: artists contact Magpie directly, my staff and I find products online, we attend gift shows and craft fairs, read blogs and other social media. 


David Sakowski owns Magpie and Magpie Kids in Davis Square.

He has an 18 month old daughter who frequently inspires him.

He enjoys a good farmer's market.